Disney Princess Sticker Stories with 3D Glasses: A Magical Adventure in Every Page!
Disney Princess Sticker Stories with 3D Glasses: A Magical Adventure in Every Page!

Disney Princess Sticker Stories with 3D Glasses: A Magical Adventure in Every Page!

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Decorate with the Timeless Elegance of Minnie Mouse!

Brighten up your home, office, or classroom with the delightful charm of Disney's Minnie Mouse through this captivating set of 10 character magnets. Each magnet in the collection showcases Minnie Mouse in a variety of poses and outfits, bringing her signature style and cheerful spirit to any magnetic surface. Perfect for fans of all ages, these Minnie Mouse magnets are ideal for personalizing fridges, lockers, whiteboards, and more, adding a touch of Disney magic wherever they're placed.


  • Charming Designs: The set includes 10 magnets, each featuring Minnie Mouse in different fashionable outfits and cheerful poses, capturing the essence of her iconic character.
  • Versatile Decoration: Use these adorable magnets to display notes, photos, or artwork on any magnetic surface, from kitchen appliances to school lockers, adding a fun and personal touch to your space.
  • High-Quality Magnets: Made with durable materials and strong magnetic backing, these magnets ensure a secure hold, keeping your items neatly in place.
  • Perfect for Disney Fans: A wonderful gift for Minnie Mouse enthusiasts of any age, these magnets celebrate one of Disney's most beloved characters in a functional and decorative way.
  • Brighten Any Space: Whether you're decorating a child's room, adding personality to your workspace, or giving a Disney-themed gift, these Minnie Mouse magnets bring joy and color to any environment.

Celebrate Your Love for Minnie Mouse: Disney's Minnie Mouse has been a symbol of joy and fashion-forward fun for generations. These magnets allow you to celebrate your love for Minnie in a practical and stylish way, bringing her timeless charm into your daily life.

About Disney's Minnie Mouse: Minnie Mouse is more than just Mickey's counterpart; she's a fun-loving, bold character with a flair for fashion and adventure. Known for her polka dot dresses and infectious giggle, Minnie Mouse has captured hearts worldwide, making her an enduring favorite among Disney characters.

Add a Touch of Magic to Your Decor: With the Disney Minnie Character Magnets set, infusing your surroundings with the magic of Disney is easier than ever. Perfect for fans looking to incorporate Minnie's charm into their decor, these magnets offer a simple way to personalize and beautify any space. Grab your set today and let Minnie Mouse add a dash of fun to your daily routine!