Disney Princess Dimensional Stickers: Embellish Your World with Royal Grace - 17 Pieces

Disney Princess Dimensional Stickers: Embellish Your World with Royal Grace - 17 Pieces

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Elevate Your Crafts and Decor with a Touch of Disney Magic!

Bring the enchantment and elegance of Disney Princesses into your creative projects with this exquisite set of 17 dimensional stickers. Each sticker is intricately designed to add texture, depth, and a sprinkle of magic to scrapbooks, greeting cards, notebooks, and more. Featuring a variety of beloved Disney Princesses, these stickers capture the heartwarming essence of each character in stunning detail, making them perfect for decorating and personalizing your belongings or crafting heartfelt gifts.


  • 17 Unique Designs: This set includes 17 beautifully crafted dimensional stickers, each featuring a different Disney Princess in vibrant colors and exquisite details that bring their stories to life.
  • Textured and Layered: Unlike flat stickers, these dimensional stickers have raised elements that create depth and interest, making your crafts stand out.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for embellishing scrapbooks, journals, party invitations, or any DIY project that could use a touch of whimsy and charm. They’re also great for personalizing laptops, water bottles, and phone cases.
  • High-Quality Adhesive: Each sticker is backed with a strong adhesive that ensures a secure hold on various surfaces, while still being easy to peel and apply.
  • Inspire Creativity: Perfect for Disney fans of all ages, these stickers inspire creativity and storytelling, allowing you to recreate your favorite Disney Princess moments or imagine new adventures.

A Creative Journey to Faraway Lands: With the Disney Princess Dimensional Stickers, every creation becomes a portal to the magical worlds of Disney. These stickers not only add beauty and dimension to your crafts but also evoke the timeless values of bravery, kindness, and adventure that each princess embodies.

About Disney Princesses: Disney Princesses have inspired generations with their tales of courage, love, and discovery. Each princess, from the fierce Mulan to the daring Ariel, brings her unique story and personality to the collective imagination, making them beloved characters around the world.

Craft Your Own Fairy Tale: Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a young artist, the Disney Princess Dimensional Stickers offer endless possibilities to explore your creativity and express your love for these iconic characters. Add them to your crafting collection today and let the magic of Disney inspire every piece you create!