Jurassic World Colorforms Fold & Go: Unleash Prehistoric Adventures Anywhere You Go!
Jurassic World Colorforms Fold & Go: Unleash Prehistoric Adventures Anywhere You Go!

Jurassic World Colorforms Fold & Go: Unleash Prehistoric Adventures Anywhere You Go!

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Step Back in Time to a World of Dinosaurs with Endless Creative Play

Embark on a thrilling journey to the land of the dinosaurs with the Jurassic World Colorforms Fold & Go playset. This engaging set brings the awe-inspiring creatures of Jurassic World into your hands, offering over 75 reusable stickers featuring your favorite dinosaurs and 3 dynamic background scenes. Designed for fans of all ages, this portable playset folds out to reveal a prehistoric world ripe for exploration, allowing for imaginative storytelling and sticker fun no matter where you are.


  • Over 75 Reusable Stickers: From the mighty T-Rex to the swift Velociraptor, enjoy a vast collection of dinosaur stickers that can roar, stalk, and soar through your scenes.
  • Three Exciting Backgrounds: Unfold the playset to discover three different scenes inspired by the Jurassic World movies, providing the perfect backdrop for your prehistoric tales.
  • Creative and Educational Fun: Engage in storytelling and role-playing that sparks creativity while learning about different dinosaur species and their habitats.
  • Portable Playset: Designed to fold and go, this playset is an ideal travel companion, ensuring that adventure is always at hand during car trips, flights, or quiet times at home.
  • Durable and Safe: Made with high-quality materials, the stickers are easily repositioned and reused, offering endless play in a package that's safe for children.

A Prehistoric World of Adventure: The Jurassic World Colorforms Fold & Go playset is your gateway to ancient times, where imagination runs wild among the dinosaurs. Whether recreating your favorite movie moments or crafting new adventures, this playset provides a unique platform for creative expression and storytelling.

About Colorforms: Since 1951, Colorforms has been a beloved brand in creative play, known for their innovative, repositionable stickers and imaginative playsets. Colorforms encourage storytelling, artistic expression, and fun, offering hours of entertainment without screens or batteries.

Embark on a Jurassic Journey: With the Jurassic World Colorforms Fold & Go playset, you're not just playing with stickers; you're stepping into the director's shoes of your own Jurassic adventure. Ideal for dinosaur enthusiasts, creative minds, and fans of the franchise, this set promises a hands-on experience that brings the excitement of the movies to life. Get ready for action-packed adventures that unfold with every sticker placement!