LOL Surprise Sticker Book (4 Sheets 150+ Stickers)
LOL Surprise Sticker Book (4 Sheets 150+ Stickers)
LOL Surprise Sticker Book (4 Sheets 150+ Stickers)
LOL Surprise Sticker Book (4 Sheets 150+ Stickers)

LOL Surprise Sticker Book (4 Sheets 150+ Stickers)

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LOL Surprise Sticker Booklet: Unleash Over 150 Ways to Sparkle and Shine!

Dive Into a World of Fun with Your Favorite LOL Surprise Characters!

Get ready to add a dash of dazzle to your day with the LOL Surprise Sticker Booklet, packed with over 150 stickers. This vibrant collection brings together all the excitement of LOL Surprise, featuring a fabulous mix of puffy, glitter, foil, and glossy stickers. Whether you’re decorating notebooks, customizing your gadgets, or just sharing with friends, these stickers offer endless possibilities for creativity and fun.


  • A Spectacular Sticker Collection: With over 150 stickers, this booklet is bursting with a variety of textures and designs, including your favorite LOL Surprise dolls and accessories.
  • Diverse Finishes: Experience the joy of puffy, glitter, foil, and glossy stickers, each adding a unique touch of flair to whatever you choose to decorate.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: Perfect for crafting, scrapbooking, or simply adding a personal touch to everyday items, these stickers encourage self-expression and creativity.
  • LOL Surprise Themed: Dive into the world of LOL Surprise with stickers that capture the spirit of adventure, fashion, and fun that the brand is known for.
  • Ideal for Fans and Collectors: Whether you’re a long-time collector or new to the LOL Surprise universe, this sticker booklet is a must-have, offering a fun way to engage with the beloved characters.

Add Sparkle to Your World: The LOL Surprise Sticker Booklet is your ticket to a world where fun meets fashion and creativity knows no bounds. Each sticker is a little piece of the LOL Surprise magic, ready to brighten up your world with a touch of sparkle and a lot of personalities.

About LOL Surprise: LOL Surprise has taken the world by storm with its innovative surprise elements, adorable characters, and endless layers of fun. Known for its collectible dolls and a wide range of accessories, LOL Surprise continues to inspire and delight fans around the globe with its message of friendship, fashion, and fun.

Celebrate Your Style: With the LOL Surprise Sticker Booklet, every day is an opportunity to celebrate your style and creativity. Whether adding pizzazz to your school supplies or customizing your personal space, these stickers are the perfect way to make a statement that’s all your own. Grab your booklet today and start spreading the LOL Surprise joy!